Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18th 2014

I know I haven't posted in a long time, things have just gotten crazy around here.  We were finally able to get pregnant with our third, and recently found out its a boy!  We also got a puppy a few months ago so she has been keeping me busy too.

As far as Katie transition, we are pretty much at a stand still.  She still hasn't started taking hormones or anything yet, and we are trying to get her more clothes.  She is waiting on the hormones until the baby is born, and we figure out if this is in fact our last one or if we want to freeze sperm or something as a way to make us both happy.  I am thinking I want another kid, but I also don't want to ask her to wait even longer to start her hormones, I know she is really excited to get to start them, and she has been very willing to wait this long already.  

I'm pretty sure last time I posted I talked had mentioned that we came out to all of our extended families.  This past weekend was the first time we saw my mom's side of the family since then, and I have to say it was awesome!  A few of my cousin's made a point to at least try to say Katie a few times, which made her very happy.  My one cousin is pregnant, and is having a baby shower in August, and told Katie that the guys were gonna be at the bar in the same building as the shower, and that she is welcome to come to the shower or hang out with the guys whatever she is more comfortable with.  I was grateful that my cousin just made that offer and I didn't have to ask later about what she would prefer.  All of my aunts and uncles treated her the same way they always  have.  No one tried to avoid her, or ask inappropriate questions.  It was a really wonderful vacation with my family.  

I also wanted to touch on how proud I am of Katie.  Her work doesn't have anything to protect her (or anyone of the LGBT community for that matter) from getting fired.  So he has started talking to HR and is working on getting policies put in place to protect LGBT people as well as protection spouses/domestic partners.  She came out to HR so that they can understand why it is very important to her, and also to have some policies put in place that will help make her transition there easier.  I'm really proud of her for putting herself out there not only for herself, but for anyone else who works there who isn't out.  The area we live in is very conservative so we have no idea how many other people there are LGBT.  Katie did hear of one woman who is a lesbian, and has a domestic partner who has kids, but she is not really out, she is forced to hide it because she is afraid of what would happen if she came out.  We're hoping that Katie and this other girl will be able to touch base with help of a mutual co-worker so that she knows she is not alone and could perhaps help Katie with the battle she is fighting.  It really takes a special kind of person to be willing to start a conversation like this at their place of work and try to get things changed.  

Sorry my post was kind of all over the place today, but I just wanted to give you all a quick recap of what we have been up to for the past few months :-)


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